Weekly Mastermind Schedule commencing 03/06/2023

A full listing of our mastermind / masterclasses for the week beginning the 6th Mar 2023. If you would like to attend of these classes please Contact Us for a trial membership.

Monday’s Masterminds / Masterclasses

Eva Hoffman

Teach Your Child How To Learn

Monday 3:00 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT

Dr. Eva Hoffman, Facilitator

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Jane Fairchild


Monday 5pm EST/ 10pm GMT

Jane Fairchild, Facilitator

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Tuesday’s Masterminds / Masterclasses

Tony Schmaltz

Upgrade Your Life

Tuesday 12 noon EST/ 5pm GMT

Tony Schmaltz, Facilitator

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Darla Williams

The Art of Learning Self Love

Tuesday 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT

Darla Williams, Facilitator

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Marc Maynard

Increasing Awareness

Tuesday 5:00 pm EST/ 10 pm GMT

Marc Maynard, Facilitator

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Wednesday’s Masterminds / Masterclasses

Dr Janet Ver Fine

Becoming a World Class Coach

Wednesday 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT

Dr. Janet Ver Fine, Facilitator

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Friday’s Masterminds / Masterclasses

Steve Dailey

Business Breakthrough

Friday 11 AM EST/ 4pm GMT

Steve Dailey, Facilitator

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