Tray-Sean Ben Salmi


Purpose: To eradicate poverty by teaching 1 million young people financial education

18yr old Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a proud Harrovian, TEDx Speaker: Tray-Sean Ben Salmi: Financial Education is Kids’ Stuff | TED Talk, Guest Speaker at the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation:, an Amazon #1 Best Seller & Award-Winning Author, Stock & Shares Trader, Property Mentor & Investor, Award winning Public Speaker (Virgin, The Beat You Expo 15,000 attendees) and Child Advocate. Tray-Sean participated in Channel 4 Child Genius 2017 and went on to be recognized as one of the top 20 smartest children in the UK. Tray-Sean went on to be 1 out of 34 boys to be invited to sit papers at the prestigious Eton College 2017.

Tray-Sean s a UN Women U.K. for the delegate UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a pupil ambassador for Harrow School Online:

Tray-Sean runs an Economics and Investment Society at Harrow

I’m That KID – Teaching Teens How To Trade is a grassroots project that aims to teaching teens how to trade stocked and shares.

5 years trading experience (2 years mentoring with Juergen Pallien and 3 years solo)

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a proud Harrovians as of 2021

Tray-Sean is founder of Influencer Publishing House.

Tray-Sean hosted his signature program called I’m That KID at Virgin Money Lounge.

Tray-Sean has recently signed a contract with FirstPoint USA 🇺🇸 for an opportunity to go to America for a full academic and sports scholarship.

Tray-Sean was a guest speaker at The Beat You Expo: where there were 15,000 attendees.

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a Host for a show called The Influencer Show:

The Ben Salmi d family were acknowledged during Chelsea FC – Edge of The Box 6th Anniversay celebration:

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi was head hunted to develop UnLtd application process.

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi was the youngest to be funded by UnLtd 2015 at the age of 11.

Tray-Sean was selected for BBC radio national syndicate interviews to discuss his journey, thanks to Primrose.

Brunel University London (B.U.L) has given the Ben Salmi family the opportunity to participate in Masterclasses covering Engineering, Computer Science and currently the Environmental Agency Masterclass.

Tray-Sean’s youngest brother 7 year old Amire is proud to be the youngest ever honorary STEM Ambassador in history for Brunel University London (B.U.L).

B.U.L has given the homeschooled families the opportunity to participate in masterclasses for the first time in history thanks to Lesley Warren.

Tray-Sean held his family’s signature 2 Day Family workshop called Dreaming Big Together – Mamas Secret Recipe at The Hub Chelsea FC

Lashai and her family have been acknowledged in the credits of a NEW movie called: How Thoughts Become Things movie promotional link:
Tray-Sean is an award winning author of Kidz That Dream Big, Former Radio Show host, Regan Hillyer International Be Your Brand Fellow, Author of 10 Seconds To Child Genius:, Winner of TruLittle Heros Award – Academic and a Business/Personal developments mentor/coach.

Tray-Sean co-hosted a workshop with his mentor Juergen at Chelsea F.C Foundation & Virgin Money Lounge:

Tray-Sean has participated in brand campaigns for Sainsburys, Legoland, Warner Bros, Sony and Official Judges for Made for Mums Toy Awards to name a few.

Tray-Sean is founder of I’m That KID covers:

– I’m That KID – Bridging the Gap Between Fathers & Sons™

– I’m That KID – Creating A Vision Board for My Future™

– I’m That KID – Taking the Stage™

– I’m That KID – Inspiring My Community to Pay It Forward™

– I’m That KID – There’s A Book Inside ME™

– I’m That KID – Families That Play Together Stay Together™

– I’m That KID – Empowering You to Step Into Your POWER™

– I’m That KID – BEING the Change That I Desires To See In The World™

10 Seconds to Child Genius is a book series co-founded by Tray-Sean Ben Salmi & Philip Chan. This book series aims to help children and young people to plant the seed today to create a brighter future tomorrow.

Q: How do you know what you DON’T KNOW?
A: When someone point out the obvious which you have overlooked!

There is a mis-conception that only a limited amount of people can be a ‘Child Genius’. In this book Tray-Sean Ben Salmi show you this ‘myth’ is not true.


Tray-Sean’s signature program: I’M That KID Blueprint™



We believe that there is no such thing as failure only feedback.

We also believe that the journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step in the right direction


If you want to be somebody,
If you want to go somewhere,
You better wake up and PAY ATTENTION
I’m ready to be somebody,
I’m ready to go somewhere,
I’m ready to wake up and PAY ATTENTION!

The question is ARE YOU?

Tray-Sean has Big Dreams to become an investor, I believe that there are so many benefits of allowing children to gain key life skills as young as possible. There’s a genius in your home.

The question is when will you grant then permission to embark on their journey?

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