Tony Schmaltz

For more than 20 years, Tony Schmaltz was a leader and coach for companies from 80 employees up to corporations with 100,000 employees. In that time, he learned from many leaders, mentors and coaches. I have helped many people find their successful careers, businesses and lives through my time as a leader.

3 years ago, Tony decided to go on his own to help people overcome their fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubts, find their positive belief system and vision in order to create miraculous results in their lives and businesses. He has been lovingly dubbed by his colleagues as “The World’s Best Belief Coach” as he succeeds in helping people believe in their passions, businesses and lives to find the success and happiness they desire.

Tony will host his weekly mastermind “Upgrade Your Life” every Tuesday at 12pm EST on URVEDA.

You can learn more about Tony at

The video below is a recording of Tony’s first Upgrade your Life masterclass on URVEDA.