Shiera OBrien

Shiera qualified as an interpreter/translator from Dublin City University and spent over 12 years working in the software industry in an international sales and business development capacity, before deciding that she wanted to explore psychology and human behaviour and bring these tools into the workplace.

Shiera switched career and spent the 10 years finding the best tools in self-actualisation psychology and Neuro-semantic coaching. Shiera is a trained Meta-coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. She has delivered training and coaching across Ireland, Europe and Australia over the past 20 years.

Shiera’s approach to training is to bring robust models and material from the field of psychology to her training courses and coaching sessions. It is all about bringing real change to clients; change in perspective, change in behaviour and new results for any individual or team that Shiera works with.

Shiera will host her weekly mastermind “Sales Mastermind” every Monday on Urveda.

You can learn more about Shiera at