Sean Connolly

For over 20 years Sean Connolly has been training companies and teams in his unique methods of performance enhancement and mental resilience.

With a track record of saving athletic careers and helping turning around businesses on the verge of collapse by empowering their leaders, Sean says his belief in others abilities is his secret weapon.

Mentoring many coaches over the past 20 years in his unique methods of applied kinesiology and physical psychology Sean’s methods have been adapted throughout many of the world’s top stage performers and athletes today.

Sean is so confident in his methods that when working in the world of sport, his commitment is to break personal records for the athletes with no results, no fee.

With a background of 33 years in Therapies and Martial Arts he has a deep understanding on how to stay confident, healthy and strong Growing up in the North of Ireland during the troubles where Sean chose Boxing and Martial Arts as his emotional escape and self-discipline has helped him develop some very practical and adaptable “Tools” for mental resilience that can be easily adapted into one’s life. .

The health and wellbeing side of his Martial Arts discipline also involved the studies of ancient philosophies and strategies for mind over matter alongside psychological strategies which Sean has adapted for modern day living where challenges and dangers exist on an emotional level.

His unique methods are a combination and fusion of his work as an Applied kinesiologist, Clinical hypnotherapist, emotional intelligence expert and resilience coaching.

Sean Connolly’s masterclass Re-Claim your Mental Resilience has completed for now and will return later in 2023. Recordings of Sean’s masterclasses can be found here

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The video below is a recording of Seans’s first mastermind where he talks about Mental Toughness vs Mental Resilience and provides tips and advice on building your mental resilience.