Lori Mershon

After many years of self exploration,
I consider myself a mystic, a mother and a motivator. I have never given a whole lot of thought to becoming any of these things, however I recognize them as a natural part of who I am. I believe our true nature is our most enjoyable state of being. We as humans, just don’t do enough of it.

At this point in my life, with Father Time suggesting I take a look at the value of my life, I am inquiring “How can I infuse each of these parts of myself with a higher level of energy, with the intention to leave something mindful and meaningful to the world as well as my personal lineage?
This inquiry stirs my soul and activates my desire to thrive. It is the combination of childhood, when we first knew ourselves, passion and innate wisdom all wrapped up in the quest for the answer to the age old question “ Who am I?”

By definition, a mystic is one who seeks by contemplation and self surrender, to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect..
I believe the purpose of the intellect is to question what lies beyond it.

A Mother is defined in a multitude of ways.
I relate to the definition of Mother Nature: “ nature personified as a “creative and controlling force.” I am smiling as I think of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, I see them agreeing with this definition of me, with their eyebrows raised. I like that they see me that way.

A Motivator is defined as “something (or someone?) that provides a reason or stimulus to do something.
A person who promotes interest in or enthusiasm for something. ( or in my case, possibly “everything” I tend to be an overachiever in the enthusiasm department).
I jokingly warn people “Be careful” when they are telling me about their dreams for their future, because I will seek out every resource and bring it to them.
“ Be ready for what you wish for” and that is exactly what Strong Enough to Change Your Mind offers you.
. It is the How?

Lori will host her weekly mastermind Strong Enough to Change Your Mind ~ The Abracadabra Way every Monday on Urveda.

The video below is a recording of Lori’s first Strong Enough to Change Your Mind ~ The Abracadabra Way masterclass on URVEDA.