Laura & Barry Ash

Laura and Barry Ash are the dynamic duo behind Rock Solid Health, a company founded out of crisis when Laura was medically retired from the Police force. With backgrounds as former Police, Prison, and Counter Terrorism Intelligence Officers, they bring a unique perspective to the world of health and wellbeing by helping people manage their energy and BEAT burnout! During their impressive 10-year journey in business, Laura and Barry have made significant contributions to the health and fitness community.

They have shared their expertise on various stages, including the UK’s largest fitness expo, BodyPower, and even appeared as trainers on the Channel 5star TV Show “It’s Your Fault I’m Fat.” Their passion for educating extends to the written word, as they have authored articles for magazines and shared their insights on radio shows, discussing topics related to mental and physical health and the importance of overall wellbeing.

One of their remarkable accomplishments includes the creation of a children’s book, “The Adventures of the Good Food Gang,” which they used to educate 5040 children in local schools about the origins of food and its impact on the body. Their dedication to burnout prevention is evident in their upcoming book set to be released in 2023. Beyond their written work and public speaking, Laura and Barry are actively engaged with professionals, business owners, executives, and corporate companies. They collaborate to combat burnout, facilitate the integration of healthy lifestyles into busy lives, and promote healthy work-life balances.

A highlight of their career is their partnership with Wellity, a company specializing in well-being solutions for corporate companies. But Laura and Barry Ash are not just health advocates; they are also superheroes in the world of cosplay. Their cosplay journey, which began in March 2022, has quickly transformed into a mission-driven pursuit. They use their uncanny impersonations of beloved characters to support numerous charities, including The Pilgrims Hospice, Demelza House, Tree of Hope, and Great Ormond Street. At Comic Cons, Laura and Barry share their passion, bringing joy and magic to attendees through their exceptional costumes and engaging personas.

Their impact in the cosplay community has been substantial, with appearances on Channel 4 TV and invitations to exclusive Warner Bros. movie screenings and afterparties. They even hosted a successful panel at MCM London titled “The Confidence To Cosplay,” inspiring others to embrace the joy and freedom that cosplay offers. In summary, Laura and Barry Ash are a dynamic duo who excel in two distinct worlds: the realm of health and wellness through their company, Rock Solid Health, and the world of cosplay, where they use their popularity to make a difference in the lives of others. They embody the superhero spirit by not only entertaining but also by creating a better, brighter world for everyone they meet.

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