Lashai Ben Salmi


Purpose: To liberate 1 million through the teaching of cultural connectivity

Lashai (Shai) Ben Salmi is a Multi Award Winning, Author, Speaker, Publisher & Creator.

She is also a Cultural Connectivity and Youth Advocate, UN Women UK Delegate & Distinguished Korean Wave Representative (a title and award presented to her by the Director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK due to her extensive work and contributions to the promotion of the Korean Wave). Lashai is one of the most prominent and influential names in the Hallyu, Entertainment and Personal Development Industry today (alongside her family – The Ben Salmis).

Lashai launched her career as a Speaker, Author and Creator at the age of 11 – founding platforms such as, Kidz That Dream Big (& Put The Card Up To Bullying) and gracing international stages such as at the likes of, The House Of Parliament, Mercedes Benz World, Virgin Money, Samsung KX (for Hallyu Con 2022), Stage Clips (alongside NASA Scientist Dr. Tara Ruttley), Precious, UnLtd (where she has been presented with an UnLtd Award), RHI & The Korean Cultural Centre UK to name a few.

She can be seen featured on/in The Korea Times, Korea.Net (where she was given an award – presented by the First Lady Of South Korea), BBC Korea, MBC, KTO, Virgin Money, Yonhap News and on BBC Sounds, starring in their BBC Radio 1 series “K-Pop: A Stan Story”, where she was featured (as a Hallyu expert due to being a cultural connectivity advocate and Hallyu Specialist) alongside the likes of Johnny Suh from NCT and KANGTA.

Other credits include “How Thoughts Become Things”, “Child Genius” and “The Secret Millionaire”.

She has contributed to and is a part of numerous prestigious platforms and organisations such as (South Korean government supported and awarded) Hallyu Con (Co-Founded), Dreaming Big Together (Co-Founded), RHI Youth (Impact Angel), UN Women UK (Delegate), NGO Whisper (Speaker), I Am The Code (Speaker), UnLtd (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel Member), and THE K-WAY (Founded) – which is a UK based K-platform that creates engaging, creative and interactive content and experiences for its followers and viewers around the globe. Since founding THE K-WAY in 2015, it quickly grew to a community of over 60,000 people and has accumulated over 11,000,000 views.

Lashai is incredibly driven to pave the way for the next generation and is very passionate about philanthropy alongside her family who are making waves in the education and media industry – promoting the idea that there needs to be adequate opportunity and equity in education/ media and advocacy for those who cannot self advocate.

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