Jaci Finneman

For 20 years Jaci served as an In-Home Family Counselor, Mental Health Practitioner, and Clinical Teams Coordinator for a Non-Profit agency that she loved. Counseling kids with mental health diagnoses, directly in their homes, and supporting the parents as they navigate their child’s behaviors, Jaci experienced the impact that direct care, in-home skills, role modeling, and education had on the parent/child bond and attachment.

When the Mental Health insurance model merged with Medical Model, the system and billing requirements changed (about 2010). Counselors could no longer meet parents without the child present. Jaci noticed a significant difference in the outcome of services. Children were required to be present during the sessions as parents described their child’s defiant or shut-down behaviors, which not only increased the parent/child conflict, it often sent the message to the child that their parents were incapable.

In addition, in order to receive services, children had to have a mental health diagnosis for billing purposes. Jaci knew there had to be a better way of supporting both the child and the parent regardless of mental health diagnosis.

In 2013, because of a Goldfinch and a Song, Jaci started Hello World, LLC and became a Parenting Coach. Now, she empowers parents to become the confident leader their kids crave them to be through a model she calls, No-Problem Parenting™. She is committed to helping parents become the confident leader their kids crave them to be by seeking first to understand why their child is behaving the way they are, preparing for the worst and changing the conversation.

As a Parenting Strategist, Speaker, Author, and Host of the No-Problem Parenting Podcast, Jaci has more than 50,000 hours of experience working with parents and children affected by trauma, mental health diagnosis, adoption, divorce, and relationship challenges. Her down-to-earth, authentic, relatable personality adds light, hope, and clarity to her clients. One of 100 first cousins, she enjoys all things baseball, hockey, and dirt. She and her husband of 25 years, live in Central Minnesota with their teenage son.

Jaci will commence hosting her mastermind “Turn Behavior Problems into No-Problem and Become the Confident Leader Your Kids Crave You to Be” on Tuesday the 12thJuly on UrVeda.

For more information about Jaci please visit www.helloworldmn.com

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