Dr Janet Ver Fine

Dr. Janet is passionate about being of service and leading from her heart. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from her pursuits as a learner of the human experience. She inspires others to live on purpose and create a life of passion and service. Her talents assist individuals to feel safe in their vulnerability while embracing change, managing conflict, and turning chaos into creativity. Dr. Janet has continued her work in transformational leadership to bring the human spirit back into the workplace always starting with Self as the instrument for changing from chart-centered to the heart-centered.

Dr. Janet brings her experience and wisdom as a teacher, facilitator, and leadership coach. She uses yoga therapy and Eastern philosophy to blend a holistic approach to mind – body – spirit integration. She is a yoga therapist with years of experience and wisdom. She is devoted to weaving love of self and others into the tapestry of life. She creates and holds sacred space for others to grow through their pain and challenges. As she continues to unfold in her own development, she inspires and guides others to express, create, and lead in creating the life of their dreams. She is committed to walking on purpose with others as they transform on their life journey to reach their full brilliance and potential

From her years of experience working with Indigenous cultures, Dr. Janet designs specialty programs for educators, leaders, and coaches. Her extensive work with the use of metaphors, imagination, and creativity in coaching reflect this gift.

For over 30 years, she has conducted action research in creativity, human dynamics and field theories to promote wellness through an integration of mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Janet Ver Fine earned a doctoral degree in Human Development from the Fielding Graduate Institute and holds two master’s degrees in Organizational Systems and Counseling Psychology. She has published a Master’s thesis titled, The Significance of Sacred Symbols in the Evolution of Human Consciousness (1991) and a dissertation, Transpersonal Creativity: The Alchemy of Indigenous Art and Craft (2004)

Previously, she held executive positions in higher education and in earlier years, practiced as a family therapist with high-risk populations. Dr. Janet works with a variety of neuro-reprogramming techniques and has a deepened understanding of multi-dimensional field theories. Dr. Janet continues to create programs in the new paradigm of leadership.

Every Wednesday Dr. Janet Ver Fine hosts her masterclass “Becoming a World Class Coach” on URVEDA.

You can learn more about Dr. Janet Ver Fine on her website growingthroughchanges.com