Eva Hoffman

I have been a teacher for more years than I care to remember… My life has been revolving around teaching and learning; doing it, talking about it, writing about it, practically living it.
My doctoral dissertation was probably one of the earliest pieces of research on what later became known as Accelerated Learning. After many years of lecturing at universities I decided to become an independent learning and teaching consultant and to start writing books. I ran courses and presented at national and international conferences for educators mainly around the UK but also in Argentina, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the USA offering all types of workshops for teachers, students, children as well as parents.

For about 50 years I have been passionately promoting mind-and-heart friendly approaches to teaching and learning. I focus my work on LEARNING TO LEARN through guiding learners to discover their unique strengths and preferred ways of learning. I call the process a Self-Discovery Learning Adventure aimed at empowering learners by providing them with a variety of study skills and practical tools, helping them remove barriers to learning and encouraging their all-important and not always obvious creative potential. I support learners in strengthening their sense of self-worth, their resilience, self-reliance and self-motivation.

After a 7 year long break in my professional career I have recently decided to come back to teaching, this time focusing on supporting parents in their efforts to help their children learn.

I have created a number of courses for parents under the umbrella title TEACH YOUR CHILD HOW TO LEARN.

Dr Eva Hoffman will start presenting her weekly mastermind Learning to Learn – ON THE WAY TO TRANSFORMING EDUCATION every Monday on URVEDA commencing on Monday the 20th Feb 2023.