Clare Mansfield

Clare Mansfield currently works as a Primary School Principal & Teacher. She is passionate about writing, teaching, and helping others. Her first book “Away with the Fairies – A Fairy’s Guide to True Love” was published by Seaburn Books in October 2013.

She is also a qualified Personal & Business Life Coach and a Holistic Therapist. Clare runs regular Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner Training Days and Holistic Workshops for adults in Glosna House Support Centre and Wildflowers Cabins.

Her proudest achievement has been becoming a mum to her precious twin daughters Zoe and Lily and their little sister Isabella. She is happily married to Shane and they all live together in the beautiful countryside in Ireland.

Her hobby is dabbling in, exploring and sharing her passion for holistic therapies with like-minded people. She initially qualified as a Personal and Business Life Coach back in 2009. While working with clients she found herself very drawn to their subconscious the energy was telling her, so she went about learning more about her intuitive side.

She went to Arthur Findlay College in London to study Clairvoyant & Trance Medium-ship so as to better understand herself and her highly sensitive side.

She discovered a whole new world within when she started to see, sense and receive guidance and wisdom from guides and angels. She was shown how to energetically remove fear and negativity from her life and how to live her dream life of love, passion and integrity.

Clare realised her healing instincts and explored the healing modality called “Integrated Energy Therapy” when she trained as a Master Instructor with the founder Stevan Thayer. She loves training others in this discipline as it helps her every day to manage her emotions and release negative energies while imprinting positive new empowerments in their place. IET is often known as “Healing with the Angels” as it is so gentle and loving.

Clare also practises “Access Bars Consciousness” which she finds is a fantastic therapy to release unwanted thoughts or old limiting beliefs on a mental level. It clears the mind on a deep level. After a session, it feels like the computer screen of your mind has been wiped clean – like deleting old, unwanted files off a computer.

Clare set up “Flowering with Clare” in 2023 to become a way-shower to like-minded souls on their own spiritual journeys.

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