Arlene McLaren

Arlene McLaren is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, published author and television and radio host. Arlene has over 15 years of Knowledge and Leadership in the public and private sector while serving in a variety of professional capacities. She is a business consultant and life coach specializing in momentum & peak performance coaching.

As an author, coach and TV talk show host, Arlene has appeared in such notable publications as the Daily News, Ebony Magazine, The Amsterdam News and the Harlem News. She’s even rubbed elbows with world changers such as Presidents Barak Obama and Bill Clinton and Harry Belafonte. In 2012, Arlene worked on the Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama and was appointee to “The Commission on the Status of Women.”

As a corporate consultant, she has advised businesses in healthcare, higher education, and public service leaders.

Arlene is a gifted speaker who often uses her life experiences to coach others to success as a Momentum Life & Business Coach and by creating media content that inspires others in her circle to want to succeed.

As a self-proclaimed ‘Bronx Girl,’ Arlene McLaren has achieved tremendous success in what she frequently likes to call her, “adult years of enlightenment.” Now she has reached a life pinnacle by releasing her first book in 10 years aptly named, 10 Secrets to Overcoming Fear & Getting Unstuck After COVID-19.

Arlene McLaren will host her weekly mastermind “Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs” every Thursday on Urveda.

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