Laura and Barry Ash are the dynamic duo behind Rock Solid Health, a company founded out of crisis when Laura was medically retired from the Police force. With backgrounds as former Police, Prison, and Counter Terrorism Intelligence Officers, they bring a unique perspective to the world of health and wellbeing by helping people manage their energy and BEAT burnout!

During their impressive 10-year journey in business, Laura and Barry have made significant contributions to the health and fitness community. They have shared their expertise on various stages, including the UK’s largest fitness expo, BodyPower, and even appeared as trainers on the Channel 5star TV Show “It’s Your Fault I’m Fat.” Their passion for educating extends to the written word, as they have authored articles for magazines and shared their insights on radio shows, discussing topics related to mental and physical health and the importance of overall wellbeing.

One of their remarkable accomplishments includes the creation of a children’s book, “The Adventures of the Good Food Gang,” which they used to educate 5040 children in local schools about the origins of food and its impact on the body. Their dedication to burnout prevention is evident in their upcoming book set to be released in 2023.

Beyond their written work and public speaking, Laura and Barry are actively engaged with professionals, business owners, executives, and corporate companies. They collaborate to combat burnout, facilitate the integration of healthy lifestyles into busy lives, and promote healthy work-life balances. A highlight of their career is their partnership with Wellity, a company specializing in well-being solutions for corporate companies.

Yoga breathing has been practiced for thousands of years, but this modern approach demystifies the practices and focuses on real-world science and results.

During this course you will learn:

  • Week 1: What is YogaBreathing, Nasal Breathing and Breath Testing – In this module we will be introducing you to what YogaBreathing is, and the benefits of it. You will explore the importance of nasal breathing and learn how do do this effectively. You will also start with testing your breathing capabilities so that you can measure your results over the 4 weeks and beyond. You will be introduced to 3 breathing techniques from each of the breathing categories of Coffee, Water and Whiskey Breathing to start you off to do during the first week,
  • ​Week 2: The Categories of YogaBreathing, Belly Breathing and External Modalities to Change – Week 2 takes you on a journey where you will learn about the different categories of breathing in more depth that you will be working with and how to use the right one for you in any given set of circumstances to be able to change your state. We will also teach you how to breathe through your belly and you will be introduced to another breathing technique to bolt on from last weeks practices.
  • ​Week 3: The Science and Muscles of Breathing – This week focuses a on the muscles of breathing, Oxygen and Co2’s role in breathing, why we use nose breathing in depth, in addition you will learn about breath hunger and the gases we breath every day and the importance of these. You will also be given 3 new breathing techniques to learn one from each of the breathing categories.
  • Week 4: Nervous System and Breathing HRV and Balance – This session will teach you about your autonomic nervous system. You will learn all about fight or flight and rest and digest and how to manipulate these. We also will. be discussing HRV and talking about the Vagus nerve. This is when the 4 weeks all come together and you see the power of what you have been practicing. This week is an eye opener for everyone who takes part. We will also give you your last breathing technique
  • Complete Breath Testing Videos – What you can manage you can measure and we have put together a complete library of follow along videos to help you with your breath testing so you can track your progress over the 4 weeks.
  • Breathing Technique videos – We have every video you will ever need to visually be able to watch the breathing techniques, including the neck lock, Vishnu Mudra AND how to clear a blocked nose.
  • Easily Assessable – All recordings and videos are assessable anywhere on any device as long as it has access to the internet.
  • Self Paced Learning – Take your time and complete the 4 week course in your on time on your own schedule
NO experience necessary, these practices are accessible to everyone.
All you need to invest is 15 minutes per day spread over the whole day.

The course is available on UrVeda at the low cost of $39.

In addition to gaining access to the prerecorded course, Laura and Barry will give you 1 months free membership to the UrVeda Community where you will be able to attend their weekly live training where you can ask questions and build relationships with other members.

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