How to Network Effectively to Grow Your Business

Tracey Currell is known as the Connections Queen and is a Networking Expert from Wales.

Tracey’s first introduction to networking was as a sales rep for the company she worked with at the time. After 3 months of networking and no sales as a result Tracey decided that she needed to learn how to network properly.

Tracey went on to set up IntroBiz. Introbiz is a professional but ‘human’ business network where relationships are born and millions of pounds worth of business is secured every single year.

The Introbiz experience combines our proven ‘power group’ format for effective networking, set-up in a hybrid of online and in-person locations with a community of ambitious business owners. Harnessing over 13 years of experience connecting businesses and hosting events, we are able to create powerful referrals and environments where win win long-lasting relationships are born.

“How to Network and Generate Business” Course and Masterclass Coming Soon.

Tracey has taken over 15 years experience in helping businesses to network effectively and condensed all of this knowledge into a five part course.

During this course you will learn:

  • The Art of Conversation
  • Questioning Techniques
  • How to Pitch
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Fortune is in the Follow Up

This course has been specifically designed to help people develop their networking skills and to enable them to monetise these networking activities.

The course normally retails at $499, but it is available in UrVeda at the low cost of $39.

In addition to gaining access to the prerecorded course, Tracey will give you 1 months free membership to the UrVeda Community where you will be able to attend Tracey’s weekly live training where you can ask questions and build relationships with other members.

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