Tracey Smolinski confirmed as a Presenter on UrVeda

Tracey Currell

We are delighted to announce that Tracey Smolinski has become a presenter on URVEDA. Tracey Smolinski is a serial entrepreneur, property investor, and founder of award-winning global business network Introbiz, author of Master Networking and creator of networking tool Fortune in the Follow Up. She is also a motivational speaker, mentor & networking coach and she absolutely […]

Mike Stevenson confirmed as Presenter on UrVeda

Mike Stevenson

We are delighted to announce that Mike Stevenson has become a presenter on URVEDA. Mike’s journey from rough sleeper to multi award-winning entrepreneur is a real tour-de-force and how he turns that learning into life-changing messages makes him a truly compelling keynote speaker or conference host. When words like ‘inspirational’ and ‘Captivating’ come as standard […]

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