Members Sales Commission

URVEDA will pay a Commission to all members who promote and sell URVEDA membership. Instead of using traditional marketing (TV, Press, Radio, etc.) URVEDA is asking our members to do the selling. We have come up with this unique compensation package to reward members for their time and effort.

How it Works

The monthly cost of joining URVEDA is $100.

Level 1 Payment.

When you, as a member, sign in someone new, you will receive a payment of $50. That payment is paid monthly, assuming the person you bring in is still a member. This can be multiplied by selling membership to as many people as you like. i.e., by selling the membership to 10 people, your monthly commission at this level, will be $500.

Level 2 Payment

If the person, or persons you bring into URVEDA sell a membership, you will receive a second commission of $15 per month – why? for enabling that person to make that sale. Your monthly commission is now $50+$15 = $65.

Level 3 Payment

When the person at Level 2 sells a further membership to a third person, you are paid $10 per month. You have now reached the end of your 3 Level commission. Your monthly commission is now $50+$15+$10 = $75 for that one sale, and of course you helping to bring in two more members.

The reason for three levels’ as described above, is to reward you for encouraging others to sell and promote URVEDA. In order for URVEDA to survive it needs great Coaches and for those Coaches to stay teaching in URVEDA, they need members. Remember, URVEDA is simply a platform to connect Great Coaches with a world-wide audience.

In addition, 25% of every membership goes towards the running of URVEDA, with the balance donated to good causes around the world, and you as a member will be very much part of that donation.