Julian Robus confirmed as a Presenter on URVEDA

Julian Robus Announcement
Julian Robus

We are delighted to announce that Julian Robus has become a presenter on URVEDA.

Julian is just an ordinary guy – but his mind put him through hell for decades.

He has been through two burn-outs and almost a nervous breakdown due to work stress. And the general overwhelming pressures of 21st Century living.

For Julian, at the time, there wasn’t anything worse than going to bed stressed, worried, depressed, desperately sad and unhappy. Knowing that it would all be the same again tomorrow.

Julian had what the world would call a rather unfortunate childhood. Which he later discovered set him up for stress, anxiety and depression later in life.

Despite building a successful career and a life most people would give their right arms to have, Julian spent over 40 years  carrying around 3 hidden beliefs. That he was: Stupid, Unloved and Unwanted – so, unworthy of a good/happy life.

Finally, after over a decade of research, Julian finally cracked the code.

The holy grail, the E=Mc2 for inner calm, contentment and genuine, maintainable happiness (joy actually).

Julian calls this HAPPY ONION LIVING (HOL).

Julian now teaches the insights, tools, strategies and techniques to get rid of anxiety, stress and even depression
to anyone who is ready to learn how to free themselves and peel away the ridiculous daily pressure of 21st Century living.

Now you too can create a calm, happy and enjoyable life. Full of inner peace, happiness and mental well-being.

Julian will host his weekly mastermind Happy Onion Living every Thursday commencing 2nd Feb 2023 on URVEDA.


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